What are Bank Loans with Examples?

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It is refer a loan when one party gives money to another in exchange for the borrower’s promise to repay the loan plus interest. Lenders consider a borrower’s income, credit history, and existing debt load before extending credit. A bank loan occurs when a bank lends money to another individual or group for use. The …

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What are Debentures with Examples?


Debentures are issued by both private enterprises and government agencies as a type of debt. In exchange for a guaranteed interest rate, corporations are given a loan. Debentures are a type of fixed-rate loan used to finance a company’s expansion. The Debentures are a form of debt financing, and in this article, we’ll go over …

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What is FDI with Examples?


“Foreign Direct Investment,” or FDI for short, is one of the most crucial methods in which countries invest directly in each other. Unlike FPIs, investors from one nation are not restricted from owning a majority position in foreign companies or organizations that receive funding from that country. Investments from outside are a useful indicator of …

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