Benefits of Business

Benefits of Business-to Society-Individual-Benefits of Having a Business

It’s hard to start a new business from scratch. It takes persistence and hard work to build a business that lasts and makes money year after year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that more than 20% of new businesses fail in their first year. Starting a new small business during a bad economic …

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Money Plant Vastu

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One of the most popular indoor plants in India is the money plant. The money plant’s heart-shaped leaves give the room a touch of lush luxury without bringing any dirt or dust with them. The money plant, known for its ability to clean the air, also looks nice as a houseplant. People say that the …

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Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant-How to Grow Chinese Money Plant Care Indoor Outdoor Water Soil

She sent samples of the plant to different botanists for two years before she found out what it was called. The Milwaukee Botanic Garden says it is a Pilea peperomioides, which is a tropical plant commonly called the Chinese Money Plant. Even though it was a great houseplant with round, shiny leaves that did well …

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Money Plant Care

Money Plant Care-in Water-Soil-Fertilizer-Winter-Summer

Money trees do best with bright, indirect light and moderate to high humidity. In dim light, the plants may be able to heal from leaf blistering. Excessive winds can displace the leaves of the plant. Stay away from heating vents and places with dry air. This topic outlines money plant care which will assist you …

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