Types of E-Business Models-What are E-Business Types-What are the Main Types of a E-Business

Types of E-Business Models

It tells how a business makes money from the services it provides. It also affects how much a company will try to come up with new ideas and adapt to new technologies and markets. Each part of the business model is important for the business as a whole to run well. This page discusses types of e-business models in detail. Check out these types of e-business models to enhance your knowledge.

Stay informed by reading more about objectives of e-business. Most online stores and businesses can be put into one of four main categories. There are good and bad things about each group. There are many kinds of online businesses that can be grouped in more than one way. Another types of e-business models is the advertising model, where businesses generate revenue through advertising placements on their website or platform.

Types of E-business Models

Now that you know how many different kinds of online businesses there are, you may be wondering how to choose one. When deciding how to set up your business, think about the following. Read on to learn more about types of e-business models and become the subject matter expert on it.

Sources of Revenue

How do things work when it comes to e-commerce? Electronic commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. It gives you a number of easy ways to pay online when you buy something from their store.

Drop Shipping

Many people consider drop shipping to be the simplest method of launching an online business. This method allows you to establish an online store and accept payments through PayPal or a credit card. Furthermore, the supplier is responsible for selecting and shipping the products directly to the customer.. But there is a catch.

You are to blame for problems like late deliveries, bad goods, and orders that don’t go as planned (and in your reviews). Dropshippers like to use Shopify and Spocket. It is easy and cheap to instal. Companies often advertise in fast food places and on social media. If you can, you should try to make some money. I’ve heard that drop shipping can be a good way to make money, but I’m not ready to do it yet.


Some of the most common types of e-business models include e-commerce, advertising, subscription, and affiliate marketing. A business plan needs to be put into action in a number of ways. The operational business model is used to figure out the costs and outcomes of a business. Patents could be broken by e-commerce.

A business model may accidentally mix up intellectual property, and getting a patent for a business process can be easy, for example: Since Amazon “one-click” lets users buy goods and services without using a shopping cart, this company’s patent infringement case has gotten the most attention. Many companies have based their business models on the internet and have been granted patents.. So that growth in e-business doesn’t cause problems, they charge a licensing fee.

Required Activities and Resources

The company’s goal may take a significant amount of time and money to achieve. Therefore, it is crucial to assign tasks to people who have the necessary training and expertise to handle them effectively.

Wholesaling and Warehousing

Starting an online wholesale and warehousing business requires a substantial initial investment in various areas such as warehouse space, stock management, order tracking, and delivery information..

DollarDays is the biggest online wholesale store. It has more than 260,000 items for sale. They give the prices for their cases and parts to both customers and retailers. Using a wholesale model results in lower profits.

Integration-Enabled Value Delivery

By understanding the different types of e-business models, businesses can better adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape and remain competitive in their respective industries.

The customer interacts directly with the business on the frontend of a website, while the business’s online processes are automated on the backend. The same set of interconnected systems need to take orders, customize products, track orders, and ship orders.

Private Labeling and Manufacturing

If you have a great idea for a product but don’t have the money or drive to build a factory, this business idea might be perfect for you. Contract manufacturers make products based on the customer’s instructions and ship them directly to the end user, a distributor like Amazon, or the business selling the finished product.

With on-demand production, you can quickly switch suppliers if there are problems with the quality. This is a cheap way to find out if people want your product or service before you put money into making it.


The online store, The Dollar Shave Club, is well known. Some of the subscription services you can choose from are Stitch Fix, Blue Apron, and Nature Box. CSA boxes are very popular here. These businesses use a subscription service to reliably send shipments of goods to their customers. So, businesses that sell subscriptions can count on regular income, which they can boost by getting their current customers to sign up more contacts.

It’s hard to decide which products and markets to go after. Subscription boxes that do well usually focus on health and hygiene, fashion, and food. Businesses that sell subscriptions but don’t operate in these areas rarely do well.


There are various types of e-business models. Any business requires well-trained individuals. Compared to traditional ways of running a business, why is e-commerce so important? E-commerce is a lot like brick-and-mortar businesses in most ways, but it takes place online, reaches a wider audience, and lets customers buy things without going to a store. Salaries are the most expensive for new businesses, and it may be hard to find qualified workers.

White Labeling

Making and marketing a “white label” product, which someone else then successfully sells, is the same thing as “white labelling”. This happens a lot in the fields of beauty and health, but less often in other areas.

The fact that products have to have white labels keeps them from getting better. Most of these shops can only make as much as their customers need because they have to meet minimum order requirements. If you can’t sell it, just live with it. If you have a product that is in high demand and can work full-time, this could be a good option for you.


There are various types of e-business models, each with its unique characteristics and revenue-generating methods. For a business to work well, it needs four types of resources: human, material, immaterial, and auxiliary. The firm’s facilities, equipment, and case reserves are all examples of physical and financial resources.

Things like software, customer information, intellectual property, and patented business processes are intangible resources. Additionally, services related to IT, communication, and management can also be considered as essential components of a company’s resources.

Value Proposition

The thing that a business has to offer to its target market is its value proposition. It could include things like lower prices, better service or features that are easy to use, faster shipping and more helpful staff, products or services that make businesses more efficient and productive, and more ways to buy stock that is already in stock.

E-business Concept

The company has listed all its goals, products, and ways to make money. Cost and consumer demand are two of the most important things to look at in a market analysis. One of the most common types of e-business models is the e-commerce model, which involves the online buying and selling of goods and services.

It says that one of its goals is to “become a big bus seller or business” and another is to “make $80 million in sales in five years.” How well the company’s strategy for putting its plans into action and its initial business plan match up, and whether or not this matters for the organization’s goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does E-business Model Work?

A company’s “e-business model” refers to the way it conducts business online. People often use terms like “content providers,” “auction sites,” and “business-to-consumer pure-play” to describe the different kinds of online businesses.

Which E-business Model is Best?

The most profitable type of online business is called business-to-consumer, or B2C. Each company and customer has a different idea of what makes an e-business successful. Having the best customer service, going global, or making more money are all signs of success.

What is E-business Quality?

Zeithaml et al. (2002) gave a definition of e-business quality as the ease with which a given e-website store makes it possible for clients to buy goods and services.


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