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Top 10 – Benefits of Money Market

Benefits of Money Market-What are Money Market Benefits-What are the Main Benefits of a Money Market

Companies get money for their working capital from the financial market. It is also used to make up for the shortfall that happens when spending is higher than income. The term “money market” refers to the buying and selling of short-term financial instruments like “Treasury bills,” “Call money fund,” “Certificates of deposits,” “Treasury certificates,” “Bankers …

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Role of Money Market

Role of Money Market-What is Money Market Role-What is the Main Role of a Money Market

Unlike traditional investments, which can take years to pay off, the returns on short-term investments are usually seen almost right away. All the different financial products and organizations that deal with “near money” make up the “money market.” Even though people often refer to it as a market, the “money market” does not involve buying …

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Structure of Money Market

Structure of Money Market-What is Money Market Structure-What is the Main Structure of a Money Market

The money market allows for buying, selling, and borrowing of high-quality, short-term debt instruments with terms of one year or less in a regulated exchange. It lets the government, financial institutions, and other large organisations sell short-term securities to get money right away. Even small investors can feel safe when they invest in the money …

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